Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Assemblage of Old Map and Electric Switches

Hello All, it's a beautiful day isn't?
We are excited to wake up and see frost early today morning. And we have bright blue sky with the bright warm sun high up in the sky, the different is we don't feel the heat of the sun. haa.. 

Today, I would like to share with you our past project with Mango Tree Place in George Town, Penang. A great place to stay if you are visiting Penang. They are located right in the heart of George Town, one of the heritage site listed by UNESCO. You will love their unique design of each room, every personal touch they have put in that you couldn't find in other place.

I remember the day when the owner brought in rolls of old maps and batches of old electric switches and would like us to design a series of Wall Decorative Artworks for their new guest rooms. Haa, we really cracked our head. 

Below shows some of the pictures of completed work, the old maps was embossed in different layers and works well collage with the switches. We also added in some wires on the road on the map.  

Wall Decorative Artworks - Assemblage Old Map and Electric Switches

Wall Decorative Artworks - Assemblage Old Map and Electric Switches
Mango Tree Place, George Town, Penang.
Assemblage of Old Map, Wires and Old Electric Switches designed for
their new guest room.

Hope you like the sharing today of this Decorative Artworks.

By the way, if you are interested in Mango Tree Place, check out their website at and like them on Facebook


Hope you have a stunning day ahead ! 

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