Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Geelong's Hidden Gems

Hi all,

How are you? How was your long weekend?

We have been working *hard on planning our trip to Melbourne - Geelong - Albury. We are have a 5-days trip, making a visit to my sister in Melbourne in the weekend, then following to Geelong on Monday and on the way back we will stop by Albury.

We have been following a lovely blog recently, Oh! Hello Geelong by Penny and Laura. They have shared many interesting findings in Geelong, .. Geelong's hidden gems, home decor shops, unique cafes, handmade artists ... awesome findings, that you will fall in love with.

Geelong, has always been in our dream list, the place to live in and have a little shop running. We have highlighted a few wonderful places to cover in this trip. Can't wait!

We'll share with photos next when we back from trip.


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